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Yongteng Zhu

Yongteng Zhu


  • Male
  • Scorpio
  • 185
  • 1976
  • Shanghai, China
Yongteng Zhu, formerly known as Zhu Lei, a Mainland actor, was born in Shanghai in 1976 and was admitted to the Shanghai Theater Academy in 1995. After graduating from the Shanghai Theater Academy, Shundeng Zhu was admitted to the entertainment industry with the film "To Get Married". And then in the TV series "Four Famous Arrested" as the merciless is well known by many viewers, in the TV series "Tomorrow I am not a lamb", Yongteng Zhu with brilliant performances, solid foundation, unique temperament, conquered a large number of television viewers become popular niche . In the TV series "entertainment no circle" "Golden Jade leaves" "My War" (three) and other video works in the mainstay to become the strength to send actors. Resolute appearance, but depressed eyes, so Yongteng Zhu revealed a unique temperament, a Mainland style actor. With Yang Mi, Liu Kai Wei's TV series "wishful" played against the high Qiu Lang, and the play is also Yang Kai and Liu Kai Wei's affectionate. In 2015, joined by Liu Junjie directed drama "I am Du Lala", which plays the guardian of Du Lala Super warm man Chen Yi.

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