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Wenkang Yuan

Wenkang Yuan


  • Male
  • Leo
  • 176
  • 1985-07-23
  • Beijing, China
Wenkang Yuan, born July 23, 1985 in Shanghai, China, graduated from Shanghai Theater Academy and is a film and television actor in the Mainland. In 1999, starring TV series "News" officially debut. In 2007, with the "Assembly" won the fifteenth university student festival most popular actor and the 17th Golden Rookie Flowers Film Festival nominations for best newcomer. In 2011 and the rich dragon, Li Qian cooperation starred in the Republic of China fashion legend drama "new capital four small", plays the corner of Tong Yu. In 2012, Tong Liya was invited to give a guest appearance on Playboy ANDY in "Beijing Love Story", and received enthusiastic response and was nominated for "Best Supporting Actor" for the second Sohu Video TV Festival. In 2012, he starred in the epic war drama "Holy Days Doorway", starring in 2013 drama "Tangshan Earthquake", plays the male one Wanda. 2014 starring costume idol drama "Jie worry princess" officially kill. In 2016 starring TV drama "female doctor Ming Fei Biography", starred in Mongolia Khan Chuo Luosi also first. In the same year, Zhao Liying and Lu Yi co-starred in the large-scale legendary war drama "rouge."

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