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Qing Liu

Qing Liu

Actor | Writer | Director

  • Famale
  • Cancer
  • 1916-07-02
  • Tainan City, Taiwan
Liu Qing (1916-1978), formerly known as Liu Yunhua, Wubao County, Shaanxi Province. Contemporary famous novelist. He was engaged in revolutionary activities in early years, joined the Chinese Communist Youth League in 1928, joined the Chinese Communist Party in 1936, and went to Yenan in 1938. After the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, Ren Dalian public bookstore editor. Later period of liberation war, and later returned to northern Shaanxi in-depth life. In the early days of liberation, he served as editorial board member and editor-in-chief of China Youth Daily. In 1952, Changan County, Shaanxi Province (now Chang'an District, Xi'an) deputy secretary, and in Chang'an County, Huangfu village up to 14 years. During the Cultural Revolution, he was persecuted cruelly and forced to stop his work. Has always been in-depth life, decades as a living among peasants, has a huge accumulation of life. Most of his novels are based on rural life and his masterpiece is Entrepreneurship History.

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