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Linkeddb included Hai-Qing Classmate 2.

Hai-Qing Classmate

Linkeddb included Hai-Qing Classmate 2.

Jie Li


Jie Li, born December 23, 1975 in Hongze County, Huaian City, Jiangsu Province, China Mainland film actor, graduated from Beijing Film Academy Performance Department. In 1999, starred in the first personal TV series "April the world", which officially entered the showbiz. In 2000, in the costume martial arts "Swordsman" Lin Ping played. In 2002, starring in the drama "the dust settles." In 2004, in the costume love comedy "Silly Li Yuan Ba" actor Li Yuanba. In 2005, starring costume drama "Yelang Wang." In 2006, in the costume martial arts drama "Eagle Shooting Heroes" plays Ouyang grams. In 2007, as Sun Mingyu "Love is the grave of this life" MV actor. In 2008, appeared spy drama "foggy." In 2010, starred in costume fairy tale "Heaven and Earth Margin seven fairies." In 2011, starred in spy drama "last shot." In 2013, starring metropolitan emotional comedy "Happy Order." In 2014, in the costume court drama "Wu Mei Niang legend" plays King of Wu Li Ke. In 2016, starred in costume court drama "such as Yi Chuan."

Haibo Huang


Hai-Bo Huang was born on November 25, 1976 in Yinzhou District, Tianjin. Man actor and male actor from mainland China graduated from the Beijing Film Academy's performance department in 2001. In 2001, he participated in the performance of "Jiqing ranshao de suiyue" directed by Honglei Kang and began to walk on the road of performing arts. In 2007, he participated in "New Beach" directed by Gao Xixi. In 2010, he played the “aftertaste” in the TV series “A good wife's life” in collaboration with Hai Qing. The play won the 28th Flying Sky Award and the 25th Golden Eagle Award for Outstanding Drama. In 2012, due to starring in the anti-Japanese war story "Never Extinct Number" won the 18th Shanghai TV Festival Yu Bailan Award for best actor. In 2013, he starred in the hit drama Let's Get Married by CCTV and Hunan Satellite TV. In June 2014, Hai-Bo Huang's starring film "Victory" won the 17th Shanghai International Film Festival Jury Award.

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