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Dongyu Fu

Dongyu Fu


  • Male
  • Aquarius
  • 1968-02
  • Beijing China
Dongyu Fu, born in February 1968 in Beijing, graduated from Shanghai Theater Academy, male director and screenwriter in mainland China. In 1993, Dongyu Fu directed his first film, "Involuntary." In 2001, directed the tragedy drama "Indus Rain", with the drama won the top ten Chinese television arts - "Top Ten Directors" nomination. In 2002, he won the "Top Ten Directors" of the Fourth China Television Arts with the directed cops and drugs drama "Undercover and Undercover". In 2003, directed the family drama "on the day." In 2006, directed love drama "surrender to innocent girls." In 2008, directed the era love drama "name door robbery." In 2009, directed the rural drama "eight hundred miles Dongting my home." In 2011, directed the drama "Heroes of the country." In 2012, he won the best director of the 17th Shanghai International Film Festival Movie Channel Media Awards with the directed Tibetan film "Tibet Sky". In 2013, she led the fashion law drama "Gold Lawyer". January 2015, filming inspirational emotional drama "Shaolin asked Road." In 2016, directed the epic theme film "peerless Yaopai Yaopai."

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