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Bingyan Yan Ex-Girlfriend

Linkeddb included Bingyan Yan Ex-Girlfriend 1.

Jianing Wang, a graduate of Central Academy of Drama Performance Department, Mainland China film actor. Graduated so far has been active in the TV movie screen. Early representatives in 1999 starred in Ye Jing directed the emotional drama "where the dream began" as a chubby; in 2002 by Chen Yanmin directed criminal investigation suspense drama "Black Blood" as a male one on the enemy mountains; 2005 starred in the first domestic sea Anti-drug anti-smuggling drama "Cili sword" as a male Ding Jianfeng and so on. In 2007, with the director Lian Yi name of the TV series "Elephant" plays the gangster Ruan Liu Min, laid the screen tough guy characters, and later starred in many of the banditry and domineering, also ruthless tough tough guy. In 2010, starring by Zhou Li's TV series "Declaration", played Liu Qisheng. Starring in the same year by the director of the TV series "Brothers Heroes", asSu Guoqiang, starringIn the name of directorThe TV series "Republic of China", plays Luo Zongwei. In 2013, starring Song Lianfei starred in the legendary anti-Japanese drama series "Kill the Japanese Order." In 2016, starring in the ever-popular director's TV series "The Red Channel," played Cheng Qishan. The same year starring Li Yin directed the legendary drama of the Great Republic of China "Treasure in the Sea", played Youde Biao. 16 years also starring Lee Yin directed drama "Battle Jiangqiao", played Wan Guobin.

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