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Linkeddb included Umin Boya Boyfriend 1.

Ivelyn Lee


Chia-ying Lee (Ivleyn), born February 14, 1983 in Taiwan Province, China Taiwan film actress. In 2003, Chia-ying Lee was officially released as director of entertainment by director Ren Renxiong. In 2004, Chia-ying Lee won the Taiwan CET "I guess I guess I guess" beautiful girl singles champion. In 2005, Chia-ying Lee starred in the first TV series "under 45 ℃ sky." In 2007, Chia-ying Lee won the Taipei Film Festival Jury's Extraordinary Recommended Actress Award for his personal debut film "The Wallist." In 2010, Chia-ying Lee won the nomination for Best Actress of Taiwan TV Golden Bell Award for TV drama "Paradise to See". In 2013, Chia-ying Lee starred in the urban drama "The Hedgehog Boy." In 2015, Chia-ying Lee starred in the love drama "Could it be, this is love."

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