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Linkeddb included Zihan Chen Wife 2.

Dai Xiangyu (Chinese: 戴向宇; pinyin: Dài Xiàngyǔ; Wade–Giles: Tai4 Hsiang4 Yü3, born 27 December 1984), previously known as Dai Yangtian (simplified Chinese: 戴阳天; traditional Chinese: 戴陽天; pinyin: Dài Yángtiān; Wade–Giles: Tai4 Yang2 T'ien1), is a Chinese former actor and model based in Singapore.

Dai Xiangyu (December 27, 1984 -), his real name Dai Xiangyu, Han nationality, Chinese actor. In 2007, he took part in the "Top 20 Gasol" of Dragon TV. After signing the competition, Singapore Media Group signed a contract to develop in Singapore and play a major role in many films and films. He won the 2010 Top Ten Most Popular Male Artist of the Singapore Red Star Awards.

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