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BrightWedding (Movie)[2014]

Feature: Diamond ring! Wedding dress! Perfect wedding! This is every girl's dream! To be married, the only woman left, is Tang Shi Yan, who thinks this is handy: not only because she has Cheng Pei-pei who can live in the audience, but also because her beloved her boyfriend has achieved numerous top-level achievements Bao Luo (Senior Wedding Consultant) wedding ceremony. Day after day, Bao Luo never mentioned marriage! Always introverted pure grace ashamed to speak, only to girlfriend Amy (Fengming Li ornaments) talk to heart! Amy eventually used to make the two men set the wedding period, but the boss Lin LeFu (Xiao Zongling ornaments) hidden mystery never let go Bao Luo wedding leave! Landlord bridegroom (Peng Bo ornaments) despite the bride, but pure grace, Amy frequent send wave. These are unable to stop the progress of the preparation of the bride, until Amy accidentally discovered a shaking secret: Bao Luo is breaking up with many years of first love girlfriend bar secret ... ... Pure grace to return home to heal injuries, Bao Luo was intoxicated. A true love of lovers to achieve "bright wedding" it? Warm mom dad has what wonderful plan? What will be the interpretation of the wedding scene surprise?

ChinaFlower (Movie)[2005]

Feature: The film takes Qing Hua porcelain as a clue, tells a story in three different times, time staggering, identity confusion, illusion of love, distortion of human nature, life like a superficial cloud, the quiet of Qing Hua porcelain is in Time has long been able to survive ... ... In the play Yang Fang (Yang Zi ornaments) will play in three different roles in three times: the dynasty of the arrow Xiao Xiao, Yang Fang is a persistent masters of porcelain; strong bullying In the Qing Dynasty, Yang Fang was a Chinese student who pays homage to the country but leaves the country uninvited. However, in the modern era, Yang Fang was a hypocrite who was extremely complicated and desperate to smug, deceitfully and deceitfully but allowed actress Qing Hua Suddenly ... ... "Qing Hua" tells a seemingly fragmented factual story, which is a porcelain from birth to loss and then looking for the story. In the narrative mode, I chose the form of three sections, connecting seemingly unrelated three time and space together. It enabled us to feel the Yuan Dynasty, the late Qing Dynasty and the present in just 100 minutes. Speaking of the film, director Sanhua said: "The biggest challenge for me is how to deal with these three time-space-accurate atmospheres and underlying relationships, and I think in this world many things are relatively eternal, No matter how great he is, it is only a matter of time and space passing away.Eternal is constant art inheritance.If we find the answer, and everything else is solved, there is a master-lover couple who fell in love with the late Qing Dynasty Da ShaoYe couple and current Qing Hua and Yang Fang. "As the first electric shock actor Yang Zi said:" The movie "Qing Hua" warns people and warns our excellent sons and daughters of China to take history as a mirror. To learn from history, but also to know the strong national strength, first of all, if the strong national spirit, national treasure is precisely the national culture and spiritual enrichment, therefore, to better understand and protect the national cultural heritage is our five thousand years of civilization history Respect. "

Rent-a-cop (Movie)[1987]

Feature: When Feng DaMa introduced He DaZhuang to Qiu Ping, He DaZhuang decided to explain to Qiu Ping when they met each other. However, Qiu Ping in the park to see the object was actually stealing money on the car pickpockets, angry turned away, He DaZhuang full grievances, fickle and go. Later, Liu SuoZhang or He DaZhuang help to lift the misunderstanding, and for each other to introduce them. One after another lesson, so that Dazhong increasingly clever, he put all his clothes pocket stitched. This makes the habit of stolen pirates arrested when not arrested. Murderous brutal Black Mary Group repeated attacks, grudges, revenge. Take advantage of the strong Zhuang and Qiu Ping swim the sea stole the motorcycle sturdy, but also with the transfer of tiger from the mountain to the strong and Ping to lie to the secluded Forest Park Department, showing a dagger, give He DaZhuang blond. Clever and resolute Gu Qiu Ping, courageously out of the encirclement, the danger report Liu SuoZhang. He DaZhuang wrestled with criminals. Suddenly, he took out a toy pistol at the criminals. The gangsters were overwhelmed. When they found themselves fighting to strike back, police officers and police officers had surrounded them.

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