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Qun Niu

Qun Niu


  • Male
  • Sagittarius
  • 1949-12
  • Tianjing, China
Qun Niu, born in December 1949 in Tianjin, is a native of Qi Xi Village, Longchi Town, Changyi City, Shandong Province. He graduated from Department of Drama and Literature at Central Academy of Drama. China's seventh-generation crosstalk actor, a national actor. In 1974 transferred to Beijing Military Region comrades-in-arms engaged in comic creation show. In 1982, she won the first prize of performances and performances of outstanding performances of Chinese folk art. In 1988, began to partner with Feng Gong, dedication of a large number of comic works. In January 1997, Qun Niu held the "Bulls Eye Qun Niu Famous Photographers Exhibition" at the China Art Museum. In 1998, CCTV Spring Festival Evening party with Feng Gong also performed "teaching children." On December 29, 2000, Qun Niu went to work as a deputy county magistrate in Mengcheng County, Anhui Province. However, after 5 years, Qun Niu resigned from the performing arts circle. In 2006, starring in the movie "Network boy." In 2007, performing on the stage of the CCTV Spring Festival Evening show sketches "plan", play cattle planning. In the same year, is still partner Feng Gong starred in the comedy movie "Do not take their inappropriate cadres" as the director of the corner. From November 4, 2009, presided over the "Qun Niu Colon." In 2013, starred in the love movie "201314" the same year, also participated in Zhejiang Satellite TV star diving inspirational program "China Star Jump." Since February 21, 2014, served as "First Secretary" host.

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