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Zongjiang Huang

Zongjiang Huang


  • Male
  • Scorpio
  • 1921-11-03
  • Beijing
Zongjiang Huang (October 1921 - October 18, 2010), Zhejiang Ryan, was born in Beijing. Famous screenwriter. At the age of ten, he published a one-act play in the "World Journal" under the pseudonym of "Spring Boy". After attending the Nankai Middle School in Tianjin, he actively participated in the activities of the Nankai Drama Club. After graduating, he joined Yanjing University's Department of Foreign Languages ​​and organized Yan with Sun Dao- Beijing Opera, performing Cao Yu "Thunderstorm" and other masterpieces. At 1:47 pm on October 18, 2010, renowned artist Zongjiang Huang died of colon cancer causing lung infection and died at the People's Liberation Army 301 Hospital at the age of 89.

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