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Control (Movie)[2013]

Feature: Cold, sinister and modern city, hard-working insurance clerk Ma Ke (Daniel Wu) has been associated with schizophrenic mother (Kara Hui ornaments) for many years. In order to help her mother move to the best nursing home, Ma Ke worked hard to make money, even without hesitation to defend her position. However, as a result of a long history of hate, his perjury was informed by a mysterious person, not only in the account stolen, but also in accordance with the instructions on the other phone. In the process, Ma Ke reunited Jie Xiu (Yao Chen), his girlfriend, in his early high school days working at a bank. Who knows Jie Xi also be mysterious person puzzled, she and Ma Ke's fate tightly tied together. After that, Ma Ke also caught up with tycoon boss Tai Ge (Simon Yam). Mysterious people seem to be lofty, countless gods, triumphant control of the fate of all ... ...

SmilingFaceof15YearsOld (Movie)[2012]

Feature: The movie "Fifteen-year-old Smiley" was created by Cui Qing, a 15-year-old junior high school student from 161st secondary school in Beijing. About a class for teachers to talk about change, the third semester English teacher Cheng Tao as a class teacher, in order to develop their own performance, in order to disrupt those rebellious group in the hearts of "children" set up His majesty, he always put on a "teacher" shelves, strongly with heavy academic burden to suppress the children's desire for freedom and the release of nature, but was a strong "resistance" and opposition. Helpless, in order to psychologically close with the students, he tried to "long-term potential" through the QQ group of classes, every student's information was not available during weekday teaching. In the basketball game organized by the school, the students in the class work together and the words and phrases in the QQ group all made the class teacher deeply feel the children's positive and progressive inner world. As a result, he began to change and the children grew up day by day in the eyes of teachers, parents and the society ... Tan XiaoXiao, Zhu ZiJing, Lu WenWen, Jiang DaPeng, Yi Ran, Da LaBa, Wu Bin, etc. A vivid, Fifteen-year-old with a cute smile, distinctive personality, people do not ...

LoveinTheBuff (Movie)[2012]

Feature: Together with Yu ChunJiao (Miriam Yeung), Zhang ZhiMing (Shawn Yue) and love affair inevitably turned from warm to flat, and after a few fickles, the two of them subdued themselves and unknowingly broke up. After this, Chi Ming accepted the invitation of the former boss and Gong Gong went to Beijing for development. He quickly met the beautiful and gentle flight attendant You You (Mini Yang ornaments), a new love affair started. On the other hand, Chun Jiao's make-up brand decided to close the Hong Kong branch and she fought Beijing with E Jie. Once the lovers meet with each other how embarrassed, but originally thought flatten and forgotten emotions actually met at the moment Meng Meng. Although Chi Ming You You Accompanied, Chun Jiao accidentally encountered a thoughtful SAM (Xu Zheng (actor) ornaments), but they still secretly meet without telling the other half, they carefully keep the distance, the heart involuntarily approached each other . It is the fate of fights for Beijing from Hong Kong, how it will end ...

LoveBoat (Movie)[2001]

Feature: Jerry good boarded a luxury cruise on vacation, met two former classmates on board, admire the Kaiser and Qianqian vanity, Jiewen met a small pickpocket on board, Pirates of the Sneaky Get back the captain never saw the father of the country, usually to pickpockets for a living, once to Jiewen caught, he kindly help Pippi find his father, Jie ..

Star dream love ICQ (Movie)[2000]

Feature: Jie Wen, a kind kindergarten teacher, intends to use her vacation holiday to choose her own vacation style and then boarded the luxury cruise liner. On board, she met her former classmates, Kai Si and Qianqian, who are vaunted. They used to bully Jie Wen in school before. They were now despised by her on board, but Jie Wen did not mind her smile. Jie Wen also encountered a small pickpocket Pippi on board, and Pippi secretly wanted to find the captain's father who had never met before. Pippi usually to pickpockets to survive, once caught by Jie Wen, she played the spirit of early childhood education, Pippi to the good side, and sincerely help Pippi find his father. Jie Wen encountered the most important throbbing in his life. As a young Weijie who worked hard at the grass-roots work, weijie's family background is very good, but no one knows, including Weijie's classmates, DuPont and AQiang. DuPont and Aqiang on board the purpose is to seduce the rich girl, so fancy Kai Si and Qianqian, I did not expect the two girls just want to find a rich ki, two pairs of men and women on the glance, But I do not know each other are deceived appearance. Jie Wen and Weijie developed an innocent and similar feeling through mutual appreciation of each other's goodness and talent in a short journey, and Pippi finally found his father with the help of Jie Wen and Weijie , Though his father is not the one he looks forward to. On the last day of the journey, the owner suddenly did a party inviting all the tourists on the boat to join. For this party, we all talked about each other. It is said that the son of the ship owner will give a lucky star to the beloved ship, People are full of expectation, Kai Si and Qianqian more confident, think they are the most dazzling beauty, there should be a star accompanied, give me who? However, the story of an ugly duckling changing swan does not occur in those who are full of desire. The answer revealed, Weijie is the son of the owner, and Jie Wen is the destined person.

Thosewerethedays (Movie)[1996]

Feature: Open the photo album of the girlhood, that sentimental scene and greet ... ... girl Minnie lives in an ordinary Hong Kong citizens family, father is a family woman and man, is responsible for taking care of family life, and the mother is a Small shop owners, responsible for the family's source of life. Sister is a man-like police, the whole family are worried that she can not marry, sister is a flower girl, all day long boyfriend. Young girl Minnie's idol is and, studying at the women's school she and Tian WenTai, Pat, Gao Mei is a buddhist all day long mixed together. Teenager Tian WenTai from an early age to think about how to make money, selling horse and Nv LaoShi school menstrual timetable - as the students deal with the teacher's mood reference. Pat, on the other hand, studied the psychology of men and women and never bored with it. Gao Mei was innocent from an early age, living a silly life as a fool in this tiny organization. Girls' school life is naturally boring for these fantasy girls so much so that the appearance of a handsome male teacher brings a wave to the hearts of these girls. One day, Minnie met a Male head Jacky in school, but she did not dare to accept this glitzy feeling. Until one day, crush on the men's geek next door boyfriend, but overreaching and glamorous brother had feelings, a beautiful and short first love began ... accompanied by the boy's family Immigration, the love came to an end soon, Minnie cried to good friends, was surprised to find that has always been silly Gao Mei lovelorn, and lovelorn turned out to be the other side think she is too high. This time Minnie's family also appeared a lot of the accident, the second sister accidentally pregnant, but under the parents asked but did not know the child's father who finally came to court, or a gweilo, who knows is actually to Sister proposed marriage chief. Second sister finally married, although the married people unsatisfactory, after all, married, and at this time, his father told Minnie intends to divorce his mother, the original character of parents over the years is not appropriate, my father thought two A daughter married are also considered a conclusion. Minnie's mother died a few years after her divorce. Everyone recollects that period of time, are feeling endless ... ... Minnie took a fiankong with his fiance, chatting with friends found that Pat already separated from her husband in Canada, Gao Mei pregnant in Taipei, the principal's child. To live but also to continue, the new day is approaching, Minnie with good friends and the vision of a new life embarked on a red carpet, for many years the father also disappeared at the wedding scene. That wonderful time is forever printed in everyone's mind ...

Hotline chase (Movie)[1995]

Feature: "Hotline Chase" is a feature film released in 1995, starring Li Huimin, Zhang Fengyi, Linda Wong (singer) and Simon Yam. The film tells the story of Jiang WeiJi, Hong Kong's Independent Commission Against Corruption, who conspires with profiteers to accept bribes. Police Officer Lei ZhenYing, with the help of ICA detective Dais, unmasks Chiang's story and brings him to justice. Hong Kong police officer Lei ZhenYing has a special hobby, is to use the telescope to see what others are doing. One day he inadvertently saw a man abusing a woman from a window. He is going to help the woman, but the woman helps the man run away. He looks like that man is a councilor. And that woman is a prostitute. Lei ZhenYing started investigating Mr. Zhang's prostitution. He was obstructed by Jiang WeiJi, deputy director of the Independent Commission Against Corruption, who refused to let the police intervene. Ray felt strange things, the more you want to find out about it. He believes the key to finding out the case is to find the prostitute. But that prostitute is gone. And he found some 200,000 yuan somehow on his account. Lei ZhenYing accidentally made a wrong phone call and took the opportunity to chat with each other. The attractive female voice on the phone attracted Lei ZhenYing. They met each other at 11:30 PM. Lei ZhenYing's hotline friend Dai Qian, a police officer who just graduated from the police academy. As soon as he got into the work of the Independent Commission Against Corruption, he got the appreciation of the Deputy Director and sent her to investigate a bribe of $ 200,000. She is conducting a survey mission and receives a phone call from Lei ZhenYing saying he wants to see his friend on the phone. As soon as they met, Dai Qian found Lei ZhenYing a suspect in the case she was investigating. She was surprised. Did not catch him, but will Lei ZhenYing rescued their own home. Lei ZhenYing told Dai Qian about his own experiences and said that someone really added money to his account in order to get him framed. Who is this person? People who know their account are not ordinary people, maybe they are people from the ICAC. According to this idea and the telephone tape she gave to Lei ZhenYing, Dai Qian stayed in the office at night and pretended to work overtime. Finally, it was found out that Jiang WeiJi was the person who added money to Lei ZhenYing's account. In order to clear himself, sued Jiang WeiJi. Lei ZhenYing went to Macau to find the prostitute Zhu Di testified. He did everything possible to find Judy, but she was afraid to come back and testify. Jiang WeiJi sent killer chased them desperation, finally promised to marry her lifelong protection of her, Judy cried and followed Lei ZhenYing back to Hong Kong. In court, Dai Qian as a witness testified Jiang WeiJi privately organized prostitution groups, Judy also made a permit. Lei ZhenYing finally won with the help of Dai Qian. He fulfilled his promise and left Judy. Dai Qian looked at their backs, silently blessing them.

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