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Ren Wei


  • Male
  • 1953
  • 北京
Wei Ren, formerly known as Wei Dongsheng, was born in Beijing in 1953, a famous Chinese contemporary writer and screenwriter. Former Inner Mongolia Production and Construction Corps soldiers, a toy factory workers in Beijing, China Folk Literature and Art Association staff, "Woodpecker" magazine editor. In 1982, began to publish works, many won the Golden Shield Literature Award, Woodpecker Literature Award. In 1988, "Hippocampus Film and TV Studio", a film and television creation group composed of young writers composed of young writers Wang Shuo, Su Lei, Ge Xiaogang and Ma Wei Duo entered the film and television industry and participated in the dramas such as "Sea Horse Dance Hall" and "Editorial Department Story" Success. In 1996, he entered the Jindun Film and Television Cultural Center under the Ministry of Public Security and served as director of the editor-in-chief and producer. Since then, the drama of public security has almost become the main theme of Wei Ren's film and television production. In 2014, Deng Xiaoping, a co-writer and dramatist of the drama series "Long Pingping, Huang Ya Zhou and Zhang Qiang" won the "Five-One Project Award" of the 13th National Spiritual Civilization Construction. In January 2015, Good TV Drama ", won the" Quality Special Award "of Shanghai TV Drama Annual Conference in March, and won the 9th Jury Award of Seoul International Television Festival in September. July 3, 2015, the screenwriter's TV series "father Father father" in Zhejiang Satellite TV, Guizhou Satellite TV, prime file broadcast.

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