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Lanfang Mei Filmography(7)


TheWorldsofMeiLanfang (Movie)[2000]

Feature: Mei LanFang's first competitor in life is Shi SanYan, an old entertainer who has had three generations of love with Mei. The emergence of Mei LanFang shakes Shi SanYan's position. The inevitable battle, but Mei LanFang lost the first game, he has two days to save the defeat. In spite of everyone's opposition, Mei LanFang changed to a new fashion show, the result was a success. Mei LanFang persuaded Shi SanYan to give up the third day of the show but was rejected by Shi SanYan. Mei LanFang into middle age, with his wife Fu ZhiFang () and lovely children, his burgeoning career. In 1929, he received an invitation to go to the United States to perform. Meng XiaoDong, a female actress who plays a special role on the Beijing opera scene, saw Mei LanFang for the first time to see the melancholy in his eyes, while her bright and open personality touched Mei LanFang. They performed on the same stage and had a desire to share themselves with each other and share together. At this moment, Fu ZhiFang, Mei LanFang's wife, told Meng XiaoDong he was neither you nor mine, he was a boy (audience). Mei LanFang decided not to go on stage again because of Japan's aggression against China. When Mei LanFang repeatedly rejected the invitations given by the Japanese army to him, she was surprised to hear that she was about to return and announced the news to the public , It is anonymous Qiu RuBai ().

Yu Ji sword dance (Movie)[1926]

Feature: Starring: Mei Lanfang Lanfang Mei Genre: Drama Country: China Color: Black and White Remix: silent film Cinematography: Limin Wei Minwei Li Liang Lin Guang Linguang Liang Production Company: Minxin Making Studio Co., Ltd. Release: 1926 Synopsis: Chu army trapped, Yu Ji do not want to be involved Xiang Yu, sword suicide.

Mulan from army (Movie)[1926]

Feature: During the Southern and Northern Dynasties, Tu LiZi infringed upon the frontier of the Northern Wei Dynasty and Di Bao held a military post called Hua Hu for enlistment. Hua MuLan thought that his father was sick and old. Hua MuLi, a younger brother, was determined to disguise himself as a boy and with his younger brother's name as his father. On his way to the start of the march, Wei Jun fought against the enemy soldiers and Hua MuLan took the lead in rescuing He YuanShuai, gaining appreciation from He YuanShuai. Twelve years have passed and the battle-hardened Hua MuLan has been promoted to general. Hua MuLan patrolled one night and suddenly hesitated to fly at the flock. He wanted to be an enemy soldier to steal a tent. He was asked to summon He YuanShuai and put an ambush on Tu LiZi. Sure enough, enemy chieftain Tu LiZi was captured. Since then, the border Ninghuai, war retired. He YuanShuai is very fond of both wisdom and courage. He built a miraculous general flower for the country. On the one hand, he played the Ming court, promoted the general JAC for the general Hua, and married the general Xu Hua. Hua MuLan does not love the official jazz, even more afraid to marry the marshal daughter, ask the marshal lent Maxima, home to visit relatives. Back home, Hua MuLan off shirt, put on his daughter loaded. The general seal for the court Shangshu Lang, He YuanShuai carrying a gift, led by the public, visit Huahua to visit. Marshal summoned General Hua Hua - Hua MuLi, Hua Hu called Hua MuLi out to visit. Marshal looked up, surprised not to spend generals. Hua Hu can not help but have to call Hua MuLan again. Marshal saw, it is even more surprising, blames Hua Hu repeatedly concealed is justified. Hua MuLan followed the man's voice and called out "Marshal", which enabled the Marshal and the public to recognize that she was a general in charge of flowers. Hua MuLan sued He YuanShuai as a man who dressed her as a father and took the army to serve his motherland. Marshal after listening to greatly appreciated, saying she really is a heroine. Since then, Hua MuLan stay home, honor their parents, her hero story, worldly fame.

Shangyuan Lady (Movie)[1926]

Feature: After the Lantern Festival in 1921, Tianjin's Ta Kung Pao contained a Beijing opera story: Peking Opera master Mei Lanfang did not stage the traditional drama in accordance with the practice of theatrical troupe. Instead, he collaborated with industry practitioner Chen Delin, famous singer Wang Fengqing, and his disciple Cheng Yanqiu Costume new drama "Shang Yuan lady", extremely strong social reaction. The "Shang Yuan Lady" was originally based on "Han Wu Di Legends" and the Qing "Yi Yi Palace Legend" derived from a Qin, Mei Lanfang was friendly and help, based on the Qin chamber into a costume new drama. The story is very simple: Han Wu Di Liu Che to ask immortals, letter alchemist, one day, the Queen Mother and Mrs. Shang Yuan with the Barbie paternity fell from heaven, the Han Dynasty Emperor feast hospitality, Mrs. Shang Yuan feast and song and dance. Mei Lanfang plays the wife of Shang Yuan, Chen De Lin plays the queen mother, Wang Fengqing plays Han Wudi. Mrs. Shangyuan dance props is a whisk, whisk dust is the dust of the Jin Dynasty Dust Shan "dust", the opera's special noun is a cloud broom, such as immortals, Buddhism, monsters and other hand-held whisk, to symbolize that they can dodge clouds of fog; and Monks, Taoist priests, maids, the hospital in his hand, only for the Shan court tried a few cases. Mei Lanfang in the "Lady" in the well-designed whirlwind posture, focusing on the posture of the debut ...

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