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Ning Song

Ning Song


  • Male
  • Pisces
  • 185
  • 1981-03-07
  • Beijing China
Ning Song, formerly Song Ning, born March 7, 1981 in Beijing, China Mainland film and television actor, model. In 2003, starred in the first personal TV series "You are smiling I was crying," which officially entered the showbiz; the same year, won the Lycra Fashion Award Mainland fashion male model award. In 2004, went to Japan performing arts company AVEX for training. In 2006, it starred in the love movie "Aspirin" premiere. In 2008, starring the city emotional drama "Acacia tree." In 2010, starred in the urban love movie "Du Lala promotion" released. In 2013, the year's emotional drama "Love In The Spring", starring him, played the role of Gao Yi-tien, a foreign student in the play. In 2015, he starred in the costume martial arts drama "Qin Shi Ming Yue" broadcast. In 2017, the starring affection movie "love each other" release, in the film as bar singer Ada.

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