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Jing Hu Classmate

Linkeddb included Jing Hu Classmate 1.

Li Zeng


Zeng Li, born September 17, 1976 in Jingzhou City, Hubei Province, is an actress from the Mainland of China and graduated from the Department of Performance of the Central Academy of Drama with a Bachelor's degree of 96. In 2000, Zeng Li entered the whole group after graduation; In the same year, appeared in the first drama "The Brothers" into the entertainment circle; 2002 starring in urban emotional drama "men and women" attracted attention; 2005 starring love war movie "barber" and With the drama nominated for the Shanghai International Film Festival Award for Best Actress. In 2007, starring suspense emotional drama "blue file." In November 2012, she participated in the family emotional drama "The Three Kingdoms era"; In 2014, she participated in the drama "Unfarmed wife." In the same year starring youth inspirational drama "cyclone eleven." 2015 starring urban emotional inspirational drama "really want to make you happy." January 2016 starring Xian Xia fantasy drama "Albatron blog"; April 1, starring young campus inspirational drama "Cyclone eleven" premiere; the same year starring urban emotional light comedy "housewife also fight." In 2017, starred in the Oriental drama "Drunk Delicate."

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