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Yifei Liu Daughter

Linkeddb included Yifei Liu Daughter 1.

XiaoLi Liu was born in Harbin, Jiangnan Province in 1959. He is a dancer and national first-class actor. He graduated from Wuhan Song and Dance Theatre and is the mother of actor Liu Yifei. XiaoLi Liu entered the Wuhan Song and Dance Theatre in 1970 to study dance majors. In 1976, he left the theater as a dancer after graduation. Performing national, classical and ballet dances in various forms. The masterpieces include "Spring Flower Night", "Pick Grape", "The Death of Mingfeng", "The Spirit of the Bird", "Chu Yun" and so on. Among them, the "Chu Yun" was performed in Beijing in 1994. , won the "Five One Project Award" and the Ministry of Culture Wenhua Performance Award. She played "Mrs Xiang". In 1989, he held a personal solo dance party in Wuhan. In 2008, he was guest of the Queen Mother in the Hollywood movie "The King of Kung Fu."

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