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TheCriticalMoment (Movie)[1984]

Feature: On the train, the daughter of Yu Hesen's leader, Yu Dan, prevented Meng Chunyu from leaving. Song Jiabao told his son Cheng Yujin, who is in love with He Yu-dan's director of the bureau, and Meng Chunyu's ambiguous relationship. Inspired by the old worker Master Niu, Cheng Yuejin revealed the bad practices of Song Jiabao, causing him to be dismissed. Yudan ignore the secular concept, love the divorce of Meng Chunyu. Song Jiabao et al. Always used this as an excuse to overhaul Meng Chunyu, but all failed. He Sen let Meng Chunyu develop fertilizer slope, but Spring did not follow the requirements of He Sen to do, he felt thin slope more valuable. And Song Jiabao find someone to play Mengchun Yu, Yu Dan rescued and injured. Spring did not resign as the factory manager ordered. Wedding, Yu Dan did not wait until the spring rain, resolutely away with the spring rain.

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