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Linkeddb included Hong Huang Works 6 ,And Feature 3 ,Family drama 2 ,Comedy 2 ,Youth drama 1 ,Biopic 1 ,Crime 1 。

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Hong Huang Filmography(6)


一切如你 (Movie)[2019]




Youth friends circle (TV)[2016]

Feature: "Youth Friends Circle" is composed of the most typical "warm men" Bai Du (Wang Yu Wei), "Xue Ba" Niu Dun (Deng Fei), "Goddess" Luo Wei (Zhu Jun Wei), "Meng Meizi" Ai DuoDuo (Huang trillion letter ornaments), "learn residue" Ma Yun (Zhou Cheng Austria ornaments), "girl" Meng Xiang (Ran'Tao ornaments) and other roles as the representative, to dormitories, libraries, cafes, classrooms, etc. Venue as the background, the academic, dreams, life between boys and girls as the main line of content, a vivid record shows the contemporary college students thoughts and feelings of a series of changes & nbsp ;.

TheGalaxyonEarth (Movie)[2014]

Feature: The project of South-to-North Water Diversion is one of the greatest and most difficult Huimin projects in Chinese history. Dong WangChuan (Li Youbin), as deputy commander of this project, shoulders heavy pressure and ardent expectations from all quarters . Dong WangChuan is bent on work. His wife, Zhou XiaoDan (Faye Yu), is also true. Although they live in a common room but seldom can meet, let alone sit down and talk to each other in the long run, The feelings between the two become alienated indifferent. Meanwhile, Jiang Hao (Duan Yihong), as Dong WangChuan's favorite protégé and most capable assistant, chose to surrender to the interests and was disappointed with Dong WangChuan's decision to switch to a private enterprise when the front line most needed him However, the residents living in the reservoir area are attached to their homeland and are not willing to relocate. This has become the biggest obstacle to the construction of the project.

FallenCity (Movie)[2013]

Feature: Wang LaoShi (Yongdai Ding), a police officer in a southwest city, has been embarrassed and vowed to capture Liu Chuan (Huang Jue), a bank theft who had escaped five years ago. Liu Chuan hid in Tibet for several years, for his daughter, he once again sneaked into the town, but unexpectedly met with the king police officer. Two people start chasing life and death. At the moment when Wang LaoShi captured Liu Chuan, the whole city exploded. Liu Chuan woke up for convenience, put Wang LaoShi police uniforms, but did not expect this uniform to get him trapped in rescue can not get out. The rebellious girl Qin XiaoXiong (Ruby Lin ornaments) because of the courage of Liu Chuan, heart love. With the deepening of the rescue, Liu Chuan seems to have forgotten his true identity, and for a moment he truly regarded himself as a police officer. The emergence of police officer Wang LaoShi, broke his dream. However, Wang LaoShi's hand was handcuffed by Liu Chuan as he escaped, so it was mistaken for criminals. At a critical juncture, the two temporarily put aside their grievances and rescue efforts, but each has its own thoughts. In the ruins of the city, the "cat and mouse game" between the police and criminals continues ...

DiYiShuJi (Movie)[2010]

Feature: In the late 1970s, eighteen peasants in Xiaogang Village, Fengyang County, Anhui Province, pressed the red handprint of the land contract responsibility contract at a risk of beheading. The move shocked the country and opened the curtain of China's reform and opening up. Blink of an eye Nearly three decades later, from Xiaogangcun to all parts of the country, have undergone tremendous changes. Who once wanted to press the story of collective fingerprints, once again happen in the village of Xiaogang. In 2004, Xiaogang Village ushered in the first party secretary Shen Hao (Yang Lixin). Shen Hao cheerful open-minded, impartial and selfless, he bent on the job, with practical actions to practice the scientific concept of development. Wu NaiNai (Su Ying Huang) never knew her trust. Yang DeFu (Bing He), a prodigal son, made everything from making trouble to being honest. Despite being initially complained by his wife Wang XiaoQin (Fan Xu) and his daughter Wang Wang (Li Ruosi), Shen Hao, with his integrity, has left him with an indelible and glorious image in the village of Xiaogang Village. Character deeds adapted.

Good man Li ChengGong (TV)[2006]

Feature: Yapeng company side spring media again push the big show 2005, eleven in 2005, 22 episodes light hi TV series "Good Li ChengGong" in Beijing officially boot shooting. Goodman Li ChengGong Stills a Li ChengGong is a downwind sauce factory workers, divorced his wife five years ago, his wife and his son left the United States. Li ChengGong and his father and son live in a large compound. The neighbor of the compound is a Zhang family who lived together for decades. Zhang YunXia, a daughter of Zhang Jia and Li ChengGong once crush on each other. However, Zhang YunXia eventually married Give to others. After years of marriage, Li ChengGong got married and divorced, still being a meat grinder worker, and Zhang YunXia made a fortune in doing business. In order to let the children have a home, Li ChengGong at the urging of his father began to blind date, promised a few days blind date, the problem came, first his ex-wife suddenly back, determined to take away his son, and then Zhang YunXia also appeared in his life, His father was sick, son disobedient, stretched Li ChengGong work is gone, all the problems are piled to him. According to Han Xinli, the producer of the play, the most important reason why the spring media was fanatical about this play was that the drama was popular. The style of the play is a bit like "Happy life with dizzy mouth" and "An ordinary middle age Man, divorced, with a naughty son, but also laid-off, the original life is very difficult, but because of his innate humor, he always smiled in the face of all this, he called Li ChengGong, but nothing is Successful, he is not discouraged, or talkative, happy life, this is the life of ordinary people. "HAN Xin Li said that in the cast, the producer first thought is Huang Hong (actor)," he is a sketch Actor, born with a sense of humor, age and right, we almost did not think how to find him. "And Huang Hong (actor) is also very fond of this role, although after he also starred in many television dramas, and even their own Also worked as a director, but a 20-episode modern drama of the male one, is the first time. It was learned that Huang Hong (actor) had 15,6 scripts on hand and had chosen this after seeing all the rest of the script. Although I did not have any divorce or laid-off experience, Huang Hong (actor) told reporters that there are many such friends around him who are divorced and unhappy in their careers. "Actually, I play this movie and wish to tell you not to pursue the kind of big Success, every trifling of the family, is a success. "

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