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Wei Lu

Wei Lu


  • Male
  • Libras
  • 1950-03
  • Taipei, Taiwan
Ting Wei Lu, born in March 1950 in Beijing, China, screenwriter, director. In 1982, as a screenwriter of the love movie "soul of the blue sky", thus opening his screenwriter career. In 1987, he was the screenwriter of the "Last Madness" of the crime movie. In 1988, together with Zhou Xiaowen as screenwriter of the crime movie "Crazy Costs". In 1992, as a love movie "Farewell My Concubine" screenwriter. In 1994, as the plot film "alive" screenwriter. In 1995, directed his first movie "Xixia Road 迢 迢." In 1997, the film script "Xing Tang Xing Chi - the story of Qi Baishi" won the first Xia Yan Film Literary Award two prize. In 2001, he was the screenwriter of the movie "Waiting". In 2006, as a love biographical movie "Tuya's marriage" screenwriter. In 2008, the war movie "Red Cliff (top)" was released in mainland China. In 2012, he was the screenwriter of the drama "White Deer". In 2015, the adventure movie "Wolf Totem", a screenwriter, was released in mainland China. In 2016, he was co-ordinator of art director and screenwriter in biographical drama Hu Jing Yi.

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