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Zhengrong Wen

Zhengrong Wen


  • Scorpio
  • 170
  • 1977-11-02
  • Guizhou
Zhengrong Wen, born November 2, 1977 in Guizhou, is an actress in China and graduated from Beijing Film Academy in 2001. In 2001, Zhengrong Wen appeared in a series of 16 episodes of television series entitled "The Yellow Soil is fertile land" reflecting the theme of rural life. In 2002 and Lu Yi, Yuan Li, Honglei starred Zhao Baogang starring "behind the flashy", female No. 2 policewoman Su Chang. In 2005, with Han Xue, Jia Yiping co-starred in "a lifetime of love." In 2010, playing "Han Hong" in "Honghu Red Guards." In 2013 November, participated in the national drama "such as Kam." In 2015, starred in a large red war drama "a commander of a class." In 2016, starring in the war comedy light comedy "Fog 1945"; the same year, starring spy drama "a half step away." In 2017, starring in the war drama "hanging red".

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