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Linkeddb included Sam Christopher Chen Son 2.

Sam Christopher Chen Son

Linkeddb included Sam Christopher Chen Son 2.

Kim Chun


Guangdong Xinhui people, born in Guangzhou, graduated from Imitation Forest High School in Hong Kong and taught in Taching Secondary School. In 1944 from the shadow, any field remember. 1948 film script "Two Dragons fight beads." After the joint director with Wu Hui Cantonese film "Yan Yan Ruonan off before." In 1948 independently directed the film "Azolla". In 1950 directed the film "South China Sea Song" has been well received. Director of his life more than 60 films. Cantonese film mostly

Jeanette Lin


Jeannette Lin Tsui (Jeanette Lin Chui, 1936 - February 1995) Formerly known as Zeng Yi, born in 1936 in Zhongshan, Guangdong, Hong Kong movie Red Star, a famous Cantonese actor Zeng Jiang's sister. Her gorgeous appearance, high spirits, often playing lively 佻 skin, ghost horse fairy girl role, vivid, a "student lover" reputation. It is said that the film company to see "Cui Cui" popular, so to Zeng Yi stage name Jeannette Lin Tsui. She starred and starred in the film countless, are also evil are competent, she had claimed the throne of Hong Kong. In February 1995, Jeannette Lin Tsui died of asthma in Taipei at the age of 59.

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