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Maggie Chan


  • Famale
  • Libras
  • 165
  • 1958-09-24
  • China Hong Kong
Maggie Chan (Maggie Chan), Hong Kong, China Actor, Hong Kong public entertainer. He graduated from a training course of wireless television artists in 1978 and then graduated from MFA in 1987 with a Master of Business Administration. Author of "my savage stepmother", "a pair of wings to the bright" and other books. In 1990 and Shao Mei Qi, Wu Dai Rong and other co-starring director Fan Xiu Ming's "fantasy world." In 1992 and Zhaoya Zhi, Ye Tong co-starred in the "Legend of the New White Snake", plays "Xiaoqing." 1998 shooting "criminal investigation file" decorated with high sensitivity. In addition to performing arts, Maggie Chan, who has been a volunteer for decades, is also known as "Angel's Mother."

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