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Gang Wang

Gang Wang


  • Male
  • Capricorn
  • 172
  • 1948-12-22
  • Jinzhou, Liaoning, China
Wang Gang (actor), born December 22, 1948 in Jinzhou, Liaoning Province, grew up in Changchun, Jilin Province, a national actor, program host and former CCTV radio director. In 1982, Wang Gang (actor) was widely watched for his talk on the 75th edition of "The Night Under the Moon". In 1984, she was a storyteller in the drama version of "Harbin Under the Night". In 1986, presided over the CCTV Spring Festival Gala. In 1991, due to the anchor novel "Harbin under the Night" by the China Radio and Television Association as "national audience favorite studio artist." In 1994, because of the costume comedy "prime minister Liu Luo pot" plays and 珅 and be familiar. Wang Gang (actor) also won the Beijing TV Art Chun Yan Award for the drama and the best supporting actor for the 14th China Television Golden Eagle Award. In 1998, starring costume martial arts drama "Perak Bodhisattva". In 2001, he was awarded the title of Iron Triangle for cooperation with Zhang Guoli and Zhang Tielin in the costume comic "Tie Xia Tong Lan". In 2002, he started to host the "World Collection" column of Beijing Television Station. In 2005, in the costume drama "life for slave" as Senggelinqin. In 2007, starring costume drama "juvenile Jiaqing." Starring in 2008 movie "Slam Dunk". In 2010, he played Sancho in the fantasy movie "Don Quixote". In 2012, starring in a small Shenyang led the war drama "kill Japanese order." In 2013, he played Old Feng's head in the contemporary family drama Family Feast.

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