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Linkeddb included Niu Ben Teacher 2.

Niu Ben Teacher

Linkeddb included Niu Ben Teacher 2.

Zhao Dan


Zhao Dan (June 27, 1915 - October 10, 1980) was a Chinese actor popular in the golden age of Chinese Cinema.

Tian Xie


Tian Xie (June 18, 1914 - December 13, 2003), a famous Chinese actor and director. The native Guangdong Panyu was born in Tianjin. Tian Xie is the third to fifth director of the China Film Association and the sixth and seventh session of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference. In early years he studied at Tianjin English Business College. In 1933, he began an amateur drama performance in Tianjin. He once participated in the Parrot Theatre and performed plays such as Tian Han and Cao Yu. As an actor, Tian Xie is known as “The Thousand Faces on the Screen,” and is also regarded as one of the “Four Famous Uglinesses” of the film and television industry. As a director, he is also known as “Chinese Chaplin.”

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