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Linkeddb included Ma Yili Chum 2.

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Linkeddb included Ma Yili Chum 2.

Jerry Zhu


Jerry Zhu, born December 30, 2005 in Shanghai, China, is an actor in China. In 2008, debut in the war drama "a woman's war", thus debut. In 2010, starred in family drama drama "Mother Heart." In 2011, she was familiar with the audience due to her role as the angel of grace in the emotional teaser "Going Home". In 2012, starring in the city drama "Little Daddy" as summer popularity soared. In 2013, starred in business war drama "daughter return." In 2014, starred in love ethics drama "Good Happiness"; the same year, starring fashion law drama "can not leave the law firm." In 2015, starred in the urban drama "God dog seven". In March 2016, starred in science fiction "Little Earth Guard"; Subsequently, starring children's science fiction film "World War II bean sprout adventures in mind."

Zi Liu


Zi Liu, was born in Zunyi, Guizhou Province, China Mainland actress, Beijing Film Studio actor troupe actor. 1997 Beijing Film Academy performance undergraduate, 2009 Beijing Film Academy master's degree performance. 1997 "Condor Heroes" as a Lu Luishan corner, starred in the TV series "Dangerous moment", in the TV series "Princess on the princess by the princess" plays the role of Hong Pingan. 2000 years in "how far forever". In 2001 participated in "my life", plays the corner of the big sister. In 2003 in the "female patrol according to the true princess." From 1999 to 2000, she was the moderator of "Happy Story", the highest-rated variety show in the country. In 2008 participated in the TV series "Journey to the West", plays the iron fan princess. In 2007, he became the Ambassador of Green Image and in June 2010, he became the Ambassador of Love of China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation. In 2013, she played a quiet corner in the film "In 2013", and in the same year she plays the role of female editor Lily. In 2013, she was invited to attend the International "Creative Camp" held by Tsinghua University for four consecutive years as a invited lecturer and gave a keynote speech on "Use of Special Materials".

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