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Jing Wu Shimei

Linkeddb included Jing Wu Shimei 1.

Luxia Jiang (Jiang Luxia), cat ears baby. Born on December 25 in Tongliao, Inner Mongolia, mainland China actress, graduated from Beijing Institute of Physical Education. He started martial arts at the age of sixteen, attended the Dongling Wushu school in Shenyang at the age of eleven, went to the Shaolin Temple at the age of thirteen and became a fellow with his brother and sister at the same time. After he was admitted to Beijing Sporting University at the age of sixteen, Degree, during the Central Academy of Drama learning professional performance. During the college won many awards, won the national Shaolin Quan martial arts champion, national Wu Ying athlete, state-level martial arts routine referee card; in 2007 due to shooting "cat ears baby" series of video and became popular in the network, the video Click rate of billions; the same year was invited to record variety show "Happy Camp" and loved by the audience. After serving as CCTV international network "practical woman self-defense section" coach. Good martial arts routine (equipment), actual combat self-defense woman, Qigong, Wing Chun, slingshot, MMA, Parkour and so on. In 2009 in the action movie "Warriors" played Nie Yiyi formal debut; December 2009 starring in the horror movie "Midnight Taxi" actress Xiaoxia. In 2010 he participated in the martial arts movie "Su Qi children" directed by Yuan Heping. In 2013, he participated in the film "Ip Man the Ultimate War." 2014 In the movie "Dragon Dragons" play the actress Fungi Warriors, October 16, 2014 in the action horror movie "Heavenly Bucket Fight Zombie", the play plays heart. In 2015 in the TV series "Twenty-four filial legend" plays a female Wan Jie. In July the same year participated in the movie "Qian Long Sniper", premiere female international mercenary commander handsome English. December 18, 2015 In the giant system "God of war Qi Jiguang", in 2016, directed by Yang Lei directed "Zhuzhuan Biography."

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