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Xiaoming Su

Xiaoming Su


  • Famale
  • Gemini
  • 168
  • 1957-06-10
  • Beijing, China
Xiaoming Su, Han nationality, former soloist of Song and Dance Troupe of Navy Political Department, joined the army in 1975 and went to France to study vocal music in 1985. She became famous as a "Night of the Military Harbor" and became a celebrity in the Chinese pop music scene for a long while, making her one of the forerunner of popular song development in Mainland China. With Li Guyi, Guan Mucun, Zheng Xu Lan, Jiang Dawei and other famous singers of the same era. Fun and simple is the main feature of Xiaoming Su concert, deep subtle is Xiaoming Su concert unique style. In 2005 to become film and television actor, in 2009, "my youth who call the shots" in the thunderbolt her mother - Yang Seoul, the role of the audience was rated as the best-looking, the most comedy role. Record signing in 2011, the new album is under preparation.

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