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Siu-Lung Leung

Siu-Lung Leung

Actor|Associate director / assistant director|Action director

  • Male
  • Taurus
  • 168
  • 1948-04-28
  • Hong Kong

Leung Siu-lung, born in 1948 in Hong Kong, is an actor who has appeared in many Hong Kong martial arts movies. He often appeared billed as "Bruce Leung", "Bruce Liang", "Bruce Leong", or "Bruce Leung Siu-lung", and is thus generally grouped among the Bruce Lee clones that sprang up after Lee's death in the subgenre known as Bruceploitation. Leung learned martial arts from his father at the Cantonese opera. His major style is Goju ryu Karate, he also is a Wing Chun practitioner.

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