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Linkeddb included Andy Lau Ex-Boyfriend 1.

Andy Lau Ex-Boyfriend

Linkeddb included Andy Lau Ex-Boyfriend 1.

Kexin Yu, born on September 21, 1965 in Taiwan, China, is a professional actor who likes to swim and exercise and has the title of beauty. Her achievements in film and television are not very good and her works are rare. She is Andy Lau's only publicly acknowledged girlfriend, because of her involvement, Andy Lau, Julian and her triangular relationship between the surface. January 2010 Kexin Yu Keming Yu has been secretly registered in the United States in Las Vegas in late 2009 married, while the groom is Andy Lau's royal substitute, a replica of Andy Lau, said mainland actor Du Yi Heng. Pregnant, when she immediately denied, Yu also reprimanded: "It is nonsense!" Yu said Kexin Yu and Du Yiheng had to co-production "glass love", but because the contract was not signed the last vague cooperation, the two Intersection only stop there.

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