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Linkeddb included Mike Fleiss Works 5 ,And Reality show 4 ,Romance 3 ,Biopic 2 ,游戏秀2 ,Documentary 1 ,Music 1 。

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Mike Fleiss Filmography(5)


GODBlessOzzyOsbourne (Movie)[2010]

Feature: The film chronicles the extraordinary experience of Ozzy's rock-and-time Godfather of all ages in all periods, covering his fascination with the Beatles from his childhood, the transformation of ideas and the formation of the immortal legend BlackSabbath, brilliant. The video has missed a lot of content that has never been seen before, as well as

TheBachelorette (TV)[2003]

Feature: The "Pink Girl" is an investment by Huaxia Audio-Visual Media (Beijing) Co., Ltd., directed by Wu Chung-te, and starring Rene Liu, Yan Zhang, Chen Hao (actress) and Jianing Xue. The play tells the story of "Jie HunKuang", "Nan RenPo", "Wan RenMi", "naive sister" four single women's men and women friendship, love, marriage, family, outlook on life and in the face of business competition story. The drama premiered on Shanghai TV series on April 30, 2003.

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