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Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chip-Wrecked (Movie)[2011]

Feature: Happy holidays come, with Dave (Jason Lee Jason Lee) wearing a chipmunk Alvin (Justin Long voice), Simon (Matthew Gray Gubler Matthew Gray Gubler dubbing) and the mouse Sisters boarded a luxury cruise ship, happy start traveling. But Alvin they play is too high, provoke a lot of trouble on board, so Dave quite guilty. Playful chipmunk kites, who knows it has made them and Dave and old rival Ian (David Cross ornaments) crashed into the sea, drifting onto a desert island. The little ones unfolded their survival adventure in the unknown jungle while getting to know the beautiful woman Zoe (Jenny Slate). Seems like a paradise-like island, but hidden in the unknown secret ... ... The film won the 2012 American Teen Choice Award favorite award.

SkyHigh (Movie)[2005]

Feature: Wei Er, the hero of the story, was born in a family of three superheroes who are both world famous superheroes. Wei Er came to the famous superhero training school "Superman College" to inherit the fine tradition in his family. But did not expect to face a lot of trouble, in school, he was bullied by many students with super ability, and super ability has not been developed he simply can not fight back, when Wei Er slowly mastered the super ability, The more troubles came, the claws of the evil forces reached into the campus. In the fight against demons, Wei Er grew up to be a real superhero in the training of Superman colleges. Wei Er's parents are the most famous superheroes in the world today, "The Commander" and "Jetstream," taking over the heavy responsibility of defending the world. Wei Er embraced the fine traditions of his family and entered the Superman colleges with his parents' trust. However, Wei Er, who has never been inspired by superhuman abilities, is confronted with numerous tests in schools. This school is truly a talented person. Wei Er was not only bullied by a school bully with telescopic power, but also humiliated by a supersonic superhuman kid and stamped on by a flaming hand superb problem student who could even copy a whole cheerleading, beautiful , As female cheerleaders cheerleaders cheer him, even worse, Wei Er also have to hide some of the tragic experience in school, not to be highly anticipated his parents found! Wei Er can achieve their ideals, can become a real hero?

Surviving Christmas (Movie)[2004]

Feature: The annual Christmas is just around the corner, full of festive atmosphere everywhere. Everyone's face is full of joy and happiness. The excitement of this family reunion day. But Drew Latham was not happy at all because his girlfriend had just dumped him off and was reluctant to spend time with the always-impassioned family, and Drew would have to face Christmas alone Dilemma When people are always depressed, they always hope that they will not grow up and may return to their childhood. Drew suddenly remembered a place where he spent a very happy time as a child. Drew decided to go back to his old home The passing of happiness, but did not realize that they have overlooked one of the most important issues, a dozen years has long been a matter of fact, living there is no longer their childhood familiar people. Sure enough, the people who now live there are a Volk a, they obviously do not want to accept Drew together Christmas. Drew, who was filled with too many happy memories of the old house, was reluctant to go without success, and he offered a fair amount of money to couple Ke Li SiDi and Tom Volcker to buy off what they pretended to be their Christmas " Parents, "Dirk's eldest daughter, Ai LiXiYa, returned while she was shopping for food and an indispensable Christmas tree for the festival, and she did not even know her parents Christmas gift was a" New brother. "

Herd (Movie)[1999]

Feature: Tom Winkler is an actress, on behalf of works "devil successor", "herd" and so on.

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