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Danny Lee

Danny Lee


  • Male
  • Leo
  • 1952-08-06
  • Shanghai, China
Danny Lee (actor) (Danny Lee), origin Guangdong, was born on August 6, 1952 in Shanghai, Hongkong actor, director, screenwriter, producer. In 1970 graduated from the Shaw film actor training course. In 1971 officially debut, starred in the movie "Double Man", starring in the 1974 movie "Street", in 1977 starring "Dragon 8". In 1980 starring movie "Shaolin hero." In 1984, he wrote a self-proclaimed film "Public Servant", the same year, Danny Lee (actor) won the Best Actor for the 21st Taiwan Golden Horse Award for the film and the film was nominated as the best film, In 1985, he won the Best Actor Award for the 4th Hong Kong Film Awards with the film and was nominated for Best Director. 1986 starring in the movie "Brothers", and in 1987 with the film nominated for the 6th Hong Kong Film Awards best actor. In 1987 starred in the movie "Dragon Tiger" and in 1988 nominated for the 7th Hongkong Film Awards best actor. 1987 Danny Lee (actor) to create universal film company. In 1993 starred in the movie "The Newborn Calf," starred in the movie "Golden List Title" in 1996, starring in the movie "Seven Life" in 2000, starred in the movie "Charge Strike" in 2004 and starred in the movie "Moon Hennessy" in 2010.

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