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Chungshu Kai

Chungshu Kai


  • Male
  • Aries
  • 1966
  • China Hong Kong
Chungshu Kai, born in Hong Kong, China in 1966, is a Chinese director, screenwriter and producer. In 1997, producer love comedy "Feelings", the play is his personal producer of the first drama, with the drama he won the Hong Kong radio and television thousands of thousands of stars Hui Tai-day awards. In 2002, directed urban melodrama "Pentium to the sea", the show is his first personal drama shot in the Mainland. In 2007, directed the comedy "Seven Captures seven vertical seven-color Wolf." In 2010, he directed the comedy "Seventy-two Tenants." In 2013, directed the legendary costume drama "Lan Ling Wang." In 2014, he won the 6th MMA Award for Best Director by virtue of his directed comedy "Men Can not Be Poor." In 2016, directed the costume fantasy drama "choose diary." In 2017, directed urban love drama "know time."

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