Crazy Stone(Movie)[2006]
《Crazy Stone》(Movie)[2006]
Crazy Stone(Movie)[2006]

Crazy Stone (Movie)[2006]

Area: Mainland China, Hong Kong, China Language: 重庆方言 | Cantonese | 青岛话 | 唐山话
Stars: Release data: Jun. 30,2006(大陆)
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Drama | Comedy

《Crazy Stone》Episodes

The film “Crazy Stone” tells of a close-to-close handicraft factory in Chongqing that found a priceless emerald in the renovation of public toilets. To alleviate the embarrassment that the factory had no expenses for eight consecutive months, Xie Chang Zhang, under the pressure of Feng Dong, the building developer, and Qin, his assistant, decided to hold the Jade Exhibition. The location was selected at the Guandi Temple near the handicraft factory. In order to prepare for the exhibition, Bao Shi Hong , the only security guard in the entire factory who has gone to the police school, took up the security work of the exhibition. When Bao Shihong carefully deployed security precautions, TV news broadcasted such a news: There were a number of burglary cases in Mountain City. The thieves used the moving company as a cover to swagger through the market and repeatedly succeeded. The chief culprit of burglary is called Dao Ge . When Dao Ge and his two younger brothers, Hei Pi and Xiao Jun, ran into the room to steal and fear Jiao Jing Jing , and when they relied on money to deceive Ms. Yu, it was difficult for a woman to win. A mysterious man flying from Hong Kong was staring at Dao Ge. Immediately, Dao Ge and Hei Pi performed a trick to carry the mysterious men's suitcase just out of the airport. The mysterious man named Mai Ke is a master of real estate developer Feng Dong who was invited by Qin Manager to get the jade found in the handicraft factory. With his open suitcase, Dao Ge found that he was a fellow traveler. Together with newspapers and TV news about the handicraft factory discovering jade, Dao Ge inferred from his many years of experience in rivers and lakes that he came to the emerald.Soon, Dao Ge took his brother to the Night Paris reception near the exhibition held by the handicraft factory. Coincidentally, Dao Ge's room and Bao Shi Hong, who are prepared to “conquer and master”, are only separated by a thin wall. From this day onwards, Bao Shi Hong and San Bao studied how to guard against the wall. On one side of the wall, Dao Ge and his brothers are wondering how to break through. At the same time, Mai Ke is also investigating secretly, and thank Xie Xiaomeng, the son of Chang Zhang, a young man who is known for doing art research on the body but doing squandering and messing with the mess, in order to please those beautiful girls. Also played the idea of ​​jade. Around the prevention and breakthrough of the emerald development, there have been stories such as “stealing the pillars,” “having no time to work,” “changing the truth,” and “returning to the end”. At the end of the story, it was unexpected that Feng Dong and his manager Qin Feng were both consuming and exploited. Mai Ke found that the person who hired him had been killed by his concealer and eventually fell to Bao Shihong. Hands. Bao Shi Hong was honored for braving international thieves. Dao Ge and his brothers crossed the street and fled on the ring viaduct in the mountain city.

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