《Burning》 Movie Character Relationships

《Burning》 Movie The relationship is what?What kind of relationship between the various personal roles?Now let's take a look the Linkeddb origina《Burning》Character Relationships:

《Burning》 Movie Introduction Of The Main Characters Relationships

Zhong Xiu

He was an ordinary Courier, because his father's imprisonment had aggravated his fatigue in life. It was not until Hui Mei appeared that he helped him find the meaning of life again. It has brought some purpose and motivation to his life, but lust has been the biggest problem that has plagued zhong.


A young playboy, handsome, mature, rich, the embodiment of capital, driving a porsche. One of his strange idiosyncrasies is to burn plastic greenhouses, those that nobody CARES about, every once in a while.

Hui Mei

Hui Mei, a promotional girl who once lived on the same block as zong, chose to dance, travel and flirt with people for her unspoken love for Zhong Xiu because of her unattractiveness. Hui Mei met Ben on a trip.

Yan Zhu

No introduction

Zhong XiuDeFuQin

No introduction

Zi Yan

No introduction

Logistics Center staff

No introduction

Temporary store narrator model

No introduction

Seok chan -

No introduction

Hae - mi' s mother

No introduction

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