Detective conan: zero's executor(Movie)[2018]
《Detective conan: zero's executor》(Movie)[2018]

《Detective conan: zero's executor》 Movie Character Relationships

《Detective conan: zero's executor》 Movie The relationship is what?What kind of relationship between the various personal roles?Now let's take a look the Linkeddb origina《Detective conan: zero's executor》Character Relationships:

《Detective conan: zero's executor》 Movie Introduction Of The Main Characters Relationships

Jiang HuChuanKeNan

Outwardly childlike, Gong TengXinYi, a high-school student detective known as "the savior of the Japanese police," is his true identity. While dating his childhood sweetheart Mao LiLan at an amusement park, he witnessed the black-clad organization's trading scene and was doused with the development's poison, APTX4869, which shrank. From then on, the alias Jiang HuChuanKeNan lived in the house of xiaolan, where his father worked as a detective. [19]

Gong TengXinYi

Jiang HuChuanKeNan's original look. Known as the "saviour of the Japanese police," the event is run as a high school detective. The son of world-class mystery novelist yuzo fujito and former popular actress yuko fujiyama is the son of the celebrity parents. Sherlock Holmes fan, good at football. Since being forced down APTX4869, the news broke and led conan's life. [20]

Mao LiLan

The childhood of Gong TengXinYi. Master of karate, with the first strength of the general assembly wenwu shuangquan female high school students. Waiting for the sudden disappearance of the new one's return, while gentle care of the host conan and juvenile detective corps. In the book, his father, jr., is violently shaken after being arrested as a prisoner of terror. She turned to Fei YingLi, a separated mother who is a lawyer. [21]

Mao LiXiaoWuLang

Xiao LAN's father is separated from his wife Fei YingLi. Operating a detective office, the former police department to search a section of the criminal, and eye is old friends. Thanks to conan's famous reasoning, he rose to fame as "the sleeping jiro". In this case, a criminal who is suddenly being blamed for the bombing attacks. [22]

An ShiTou

A private detective who became a disciple of Mao LiXiaoWuLang worked in the cafe poirot, downstairs from the firm. Its true identity, is the black clothing organization's member "wave Ben", belongs to the police department garrison planning section (commonly known as: public security police) "valley zero". [23]

Mu MuShiSan

The police department of the third division. Strong sense of responsibility, often in the field with the priority of human life. Also deeply under the trust. He used to be the boss of jiro. [24]

A LiBoShi

The inventor who lives next door to the Gong TengXinYi family. Knowing his true identity, conan supports him with a variety of inventions. Hui YuanAi, who protects the same situation, also takes good care of the juvenile detective corps. In this work, a special drone was made to let the young detective team play. [25]

Ji TianBuMei

Teen detective ICONS exist. The self-described "lovely female detective" is full of curiosity, but also a crybaby. In addition, she liked conan very much. When she transferred to another school in huiyuan, she also asked "do you like conan? [26]

Xiao DaoYuanTai

Call oneself the head of juvenile detective regiment. Often wrong words, no one can match the strong sense of justice. There is a large amount of food to eat, most like eel rice. [27]

Yuan GuGuangYan

Serious mind, sometimes also will save conan's crisis....... Cooperative, a gentleman, and sometimes guard the beauty and the ashes. [28]

Hui YuanAi

Drink APTX4869 and become a child like conan. Though a researcher who developed drugs in black, the sister was killed and fled. This is also conan's support. [25]

Ju JingZi

The lawyer in charge of the defense of the suspect Mao LiXiaoWuLang. The trial has so far failed in many of the public security cases that have been accepted as "prosecuting prosecutors with a 99.9% win rate". [29]

Yu ChangErSanYi

He used to be a member of the law firm of jingzi, a judicial intern targeting judges. A person who died as a result of an incident. [29]

Feng JianYuYe

Under the ministry of public security of the police department. One of the few people who knows about sleepy hollow. Although the age is 1 year older than the 30, but the different will obey the boss's orders. Vaguely feel that conan is "not a normal kid." [30]

Hei TianBingWei

The one-eyed administrator who made his debut. Mr. Matsumoto, who became a police officer, took over. He was admitted to a police hospital after nearly 10 years of confusion. Burns, white hair and the right eye were made in the accident. Knowing the strength of conan, he also showed interest in new one with multiple mysteries. [24]

Fei YingLi

Mao LiXiaoWuLang's wife, xiao LAN's mother. He lived apart from xiao wu lang for more than 10 years. Known as the "queen of justice," a prominent lawyer, shinichi's mother, hashiko, is a close friend. In this case, the family defense will become unfavorable for the small five lang to find other lawyers. [31]

Li ShanLv

In the imperial concubine law office, is supporting the director of the secretary's work. In this work, ying li is supported, and I don't know why I received the request from Gong TengXinYi... [31]

Jia BenZi

Clerk in the cafe poirot, downstairs from detective Maori. In this work we are going out shopping for poirot together with anroom. [31]

Ling MuYuanZi

Straight and fashionable miss suzuki chaebol. With xiaolan and xinyi is a childhood friend of xiaolan since kindergarten. This book believes that xiaoluo is innocent, supporting xiaolan. [25]

Bai NiaoRenSanLang

The division of occupational police in the third department. Serious and calm, trusted by others. [24]

Zuo TengMeiHeZi

Forcibly commit a red of the three series. A very popular beauty in the department criminal police. Although miss martyrdom matsuda criminal police, but now with takagi criminal police work love. [24]

Qian YeHeShen

A fat criminal in three lines. Taken fan. Masque superman and gomera fans. At one point, she lost weight but rebounded. [24]

Gao MuShe

A good cop who commits three lines of crime by force. He had a good relationship with conan and sometimes gave inside information. Love with sato police ongoing, can always be disturbed by others. [24]

Ri XiaBuCheng

Serious work of the small five lang case is responsible for the prosecution. In the investigation, think small five lang totally did not act as the motive of the terrorist attack, the superior iai general manager put forward additional investigation. [32]

Yan JingShaShiZi

The inspector general of Tokyo's ministry of public security. The lower prosecutor in charge of the small five lang case recommended the case for additional investigation, but the general manager of yanai dismissed it. Seems to have obeyed the police. [32]

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