Detective conan: zero's executor(Movie)[2018]
《Detective conan: zero's executor》(Movie)[2018]
Detective conan: zero's executor(Movie)[2018]

Detective conan: zero's executor (Movie)[2018]

Area: Japan Language:
Stars: Release data: 2018
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Suspense | Adventure | Animation

《Detective conan: zero's executor》Episodes

Edge of Ocean, a new facility in Tokyo bay that will host the Tokyo summit. At the summit on May 1, there were massive explosions at the huge facility, which had about 20,000 police officers. There, An ShiTou, a member of the secret police organization that commands the nation's public security police, nicknamed "zero." The mysterious secret of the secret security room makes conan feel strange. Based on fingerprints left at the scene as evidence, the inmate was identified as Mao LiXiaoWuLang, a former police officer. Conan, who became antagonistic with Abe's arrest around five lang jr., heard about the curious case that Abe had driven the suspect to suicide in the past. The decision to indict him was followed by a series of incomprehensible attacks in the heavily guarded city of Tokyo. Conan and police officers are approaching the plot behind the case, and the summit is set to be held on the day that a large unmanned probe, the swan, returns to earth from its mission to Mars. What, after all, will happen on the looming X day? Is the mysterious existence of An ShiTou An enemy or a partner?

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