Little black(Movie)[2019]
《Little black》(Movie)[2019]
Little black(Movie)[2019]

Little black (Movie)[2019]

Area: The Chinese mainland Language: Mandarin
Stars: Release data: 2019(大陆)
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Animation | Action | Fantasy

《Little black》Episodes

Introduction to the plot of the movie "the story of little black man"; In the night, the cat demon steals the pearleffortFound, was beaten back to the original seriously injured and fled. inOn the streetsIt was brought home by luo xiaobai, named luo xiaohei.

And the story begins... The whole style of a young girl's story about raising a cat is "Chinese". The story is funny,sweetChic, information huge, painting style lovely, is currently in serialization. On a rainy night, a street, a small black cat, was brought home by the girl luo xiaobai, namedROM the little black. Luo xiaohei is not an ordinary cat. She is so human that she can squat down on the toilet. She does not eat cat food. On the other hand, the mysterious figure named "listening" arouses his three winged wolves to search for luo's whereabouts. Soon, luo xiaobai with the small black to the countryside to visit his cousin and grandfather, from which a variety of strange and mysterious events occurred.

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