Strange Heaven, The City of Demon(Movie)[2018]
《Strange Heaven, The City of Demon》(Movie)[2018]
Strange Heaven, The City of Demon(Movie)[2018]

Strange Heaven, The City of Demon (Movie)[2018]

Area: China Mainland Language: Mandarin
Stars: Release data: 2018
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Fantasy | Comedy | Love | Adventure

《Strange Heaven, The City of Demon》Episodes

The City of Qi Demon: The City of Demons tells the story of "sticks and buddhas, Wu Xin

a> is a devil." Jin Xizi IX westbound was buried in the Liusha River. Keep obsessions, go to the heart of magic, named Wu Xin. To the Tenth Xuanzang, stone monkeys, canopies escorted to get through, again Liushahe. Tang Seng , Sun WuKong , Zhu BaJie men and women three days After taking a trip to the place where a group of people passed through thousands of miles, Tang Seng was arrested, Sun WuKong and Zhu BaJie were rescued as Tang Seng, and they stopped at the only village of Baisha in Liusha River, where they met a kind of demon Xiao Man , and Xiao Man to save his own people, mistakenly Ling Po has been trying to steal the heart of Sun WuKong. This “stone” of Qi Tian’s sanctuary actually began to move at the beginning of every heart, and the result of turbulence was that the stone body was destroyed, and its diamond-like body became a bloody body. On the one hand, Wukong gets along and enjoys Wukong from morning till evening. On the one hand, it is the life and freedom of the whole villager. The destiny drives her to make a choice.

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