Stray cat bao bo(Movie)[2016]
《Stray cat bao bo》(Movie)[2016]

《Stray cat bao bo》 Movie Character Relationships

《Stray cat bao bo》 Movie The relationship is what?What kind of relationship between the various personal roles?Now let's take a look the Linkeddb origina《Stray cat bao bo》Character Relationships:

《Stray cat bao bo》 Movie Introduction Of The Main Characters Relationships

Zhan MuSi

Streetwalkers and addicts, living a precarious existence surrounded by drugs, alcohol and despair. One day, Zhan mu found a stray cat with a leg injury on his doorstep. Instead of abandoning it because of economic pressure, he took good care of it until it recovered. Bao Bo's appearance has made a huge change in Zhan mu's life. He relies on the indomitable will and Bao Bo inseparable company, finally got rid of the terrible addiction, and gradually entered the normal life track.

Bei Di

Zhan mu's neighbour, Bei Di, is a kind girl who volunteers in a veterinary hospital. She not only helped Zhan mu to deal with the wounds of a stray cat, but also sensed the cute little creature called Bao Bo. She sensed the soul of Zhan mu and Bao Bo, saying that everything was meant to be.

Wa Er

Wa Er, a drug consultant in charge of Zhan mmu, is willing to help Zhan mmu out of its predicament, although she is disappointed by the repeated absorption of Zhan mmu. With her help, Zhan mu was able to get a welfare house and finally have a shelter. Wa Er firmly believed that Zhan mu could get rid of the temptation of drugs completely by her own will.

James bowen

No introduction

Bao Bo

Bao Bo, a ginger-yellow stray cat, has once again felt the warmth and kindness of society with her innate spirituality and incredible influence. Bao Bo accompanied James through each drug attack night, they cured each other, no longer let each other stray. Bao Bo was close to Zhan mu when he left home to perform on the street. They became the closest of companions, against the hardships of life.

nigel bowen

No introduction

Xi LaLi

No introduction

Ba Zi

No introduction

Ma Li

No introduction

Ai ErXi

No introduction

Pa DeMa

No introduction

Dan NiEr

No introduction

pet hospital cashier

No introduction

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