Stray cat bao bo(Movie)[2016]
《Stray cat bao bo》(Movie)[2016]
Stray cat bao bo(Movie)[2016]

Stray cat bao bo (Movie)[2016]

Area: The British Language: English
Stars: Release data: 2016
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Biography | Plot

《Stray cat bao bo》Episodes

The family breakdown has left Zhan mu, who has become a street performer, a penniless drug addict, to self-destruct. With the help of Wa Er, a rehab doctor in charge of Zhan mu, Zhan mu finally has a home that can withstand the wind and rain. Wa Er firmly believes that Zhan mu can get rid of the temptation of drugs completely by her own will. One day, a ginger-yellow stray cat broke into the home of Zhan mu. Zhan mu adopted him and named him Bao Bo. Soon, the combination of one person and one cat attracted the attention of passers-by and the economy of Zhan mu was greatly improved. Meanwhile, Zhan mu gets acquainted with Bei Di, the woman who lives next door. In Bei Di, Zhan mu rekindled the desire for love. Street artist Zhan mu and stray cat Bao Bo, one person and one cat changed each other's fate.

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