Deadpool 2(Movie)[2018]
《Deadpool 2》(Movie)[2018]
Deadpool 2(Movie)[2018]

Deadpool 2 (Movie)[2018]

Area: North America Language: English
Stars: Release data: May. 18,2018
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Action | Adventure | Comedy | Sci-Fi

《Deadpool 2》Episodes

About two years after the end of the "Death", Wade Wilson and his girlfriend, Wa NeiSha, live happily together, and he usually fights crime as a dead waiter. After a personal tragedy, he intended to end his life, but was taken in by the steel force and negative sound waves, became a trained X-Men. Wade quickly met Luo Su, a young mutant who had been abused by guardians. The dead waiter wanted to help Luo Su, but the two went into the cell where they met the electric cable. The electric cable has the ability to travel through time. He crosses to the point of assassination of Luo Su, preventing the other party from going to the evil road in the future and destroying the life of the electric cable. In order to protect Luo Su, the dead guard created the X forces group and recruited some superheroes, including Domino, Skull, Broken Star, Zagst and Lost Man. In addition, there is a member of the team who has no super powers. The terrified Luo Su was in prison with a dead rival of the X-Men - the red tank made friends, and he was only one step away from the dark side. The dead servant persuaded him to talk to Luo Su to stop the future tragedy, and to let the electric cable let the child live. But this task requires the X-Men and X forces to work together to stop the conspiracy of the Red Tank.

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