Happiness is coming(Movie)[2018]
《Happiness is coming》(Movie)[2018]

《Happiness is coming》Cast

Ma ShangLai Gong Feng Play)

A grassroots mediator who ran through the streets and lanes, from the fancy incidents of porcelain touching, to the daily quarrel between husband and wife, the old horse rushed around because of the conflicts between the families of the neighbors. There was no trivial matter and there was no need for mediation. Wisdom and art.

Gong Feng

Feng Gong (simplified Chinese: 冯巩; traditional Chinese: 馮鞏; pinyin: Féng Gǒng; born 6 December 1957) is a Chinese actor, xiangsheng performer, director, and screenwriter from Tianjin, China. He is best known for his performances in the annual CCTV New Year's Gala, having made more appearances on the show than every other major performer.

Ma ShangLaiQiZi Li Niu Play)

Ma ShangLaiQiZi, because the old horse took pains to deal with other people's affairs, and neglected his own home, let his wife feel that he had received a cold, so that the misunderstanding grew louder and louder.

Li Niu

Li Niu, born May 01, 1973, was born in an ordinary military family in Beijing and graduated from the PLA Art School. China Air Force Television Arts Center actress. From the shadow Li Niu is a famous athlete, 1986 won the first national women's synchronized swimming champion. In 1990 won the army shooting champion. In 1991 September, Li Niu first appeared in the movie "battle". In 2000 June, starring light comedy costume "absolutely stunning double." In 2001, with the starring family emotional drama "empty mirror" nominated the 22nd China TV series Flying Award for outstanding actress award. In 2006, participating in entrepreneurial inspirational drama "Kanto East." In 2011, starring in the comic drama "pay back the money" won the Spring Festival Evening audience favorite Spring Festival Gala category first prize. In 2013, he won the title of "Top Ten Actors of the First Annual CCTV China Gala" by virtue of his starring family ethics drama "The New Son-Era." In 2015, she won the Best Actress Award at the 11th China-US Film Festival with her farmer's epic drama "Old Peasants". In 2017, starring urban emotional drama "good life."

Mao XueWang Songyan Tu Play)

A rookie mediator in mediation. The mediator who likes to walk forward with a variety of bizarre tricks, and always calls out to Ma ShangLai played by Feng Gong, must start to engage in activities and involve a series of hilarious pictures.

Songyan Tu

Tu Songyan, born in Beijing on October 6, 1976, actor. Graduated from the Central Academy of Drama, 94 performance undergraduate. In 2006 the drama "double-sided tape" as the role of Li Yaping, 2008 TV series "house slave" as Xie Qianli, December 27, 2011 by virtue of "Twins" Xu Jiahui won the BQ2011 red list, 2012 TV series "divorce agreement" As Gao Zhiping, in 2014 "post-marriage era" plays Liu Zhanpeng. April 16, 2015, starring in the urban life comedy "I am a kid off when North drift" landed on the Jiangsu Satellite TV prime stalls broadcast.

Ma Xiao Haoran Liu Play)

Ma ShangLai's son stood on his mother's side and not only showered with his mother but also quarrelled with his father. It was a hub for adjusting parental relationships. Parents quarrelled and they did not want to talk to each other.

Haoran Liu

Liu Haoran (Chinese: 刘昊然, born 10 October 1997), also known as Turbo Liu, is a Chinese actor. He is currently studying at the Central Academy of Drama.

More Happiness is coming Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Ling Jia Chao JiaTianHou Old horse old customers. The hot-tempered Chao Jia TianHou was angry everywhere with his arms, eggs, cups, noodles, and so on. Every time he quarreled with her husband, he had to be able to reconcile with old horses.
Junjie Mao Jin Zhen Cheerful, not afraid of setbacks, hard-working, dare to act as a college student just graduated from politics.
BoBo Jiang Sun ErXiang Hot pot shop owner, hot pot shop is Sun ErXiang and the dead husband together to fight out of the place, the hot pot store bearing Sun ErXiang miss her husband. When the hot pot restaurant was to be demolished, Sun ErXiang could not accept that the place carrying the memories was going to disappear, and a dispute between Sun ErXiang and the demolition team occurred.
Kainan Bai Ma ShangLaiTuDi No introduction
Xiaofei Zhang Lu Lu No introduction
Yunpeng Yue -- No introduction
Yunpeng Yue An Bao No introduction
Binlong Pan Zhi Wei No introduction
Fan Xia Zhi Wei No introduction
Chao Liang Zhi Wei No introduction
(None) Zhi Wei No introduction

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