Hidden Man(Movie)[2018]
《Hidden Man》(Movie)[2018]
Hidden Man(Movie)[2018]

Hidden Man (Movie)[2018]

Area: China Mainland Language: Mandarin
Stars: Release data: 2018
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Martial arts

《Hidden Man》Episodes

"Evil does not pressure correction" about the 1936 Peking, the young warrior Li TianRan In order to find the culprit in the case of the door five years ago, deep into the alley of alleys in the ancient capital, with his investigation gradually deepened, Ruthless surface story. Beiyang years, north of Beijing. Young martial arts student Li TianRan witnessed his brother Zhu QianLong colluding with Japanese spies fundamental Ichiro and killing Master's family. Li TianRan luckily escaped from the gun, was rescued by the United States doctor Hendler. After Li TianRan was healed, she went to the United States for medical practice for many years and was also trained as a special agent. In early 1937, Li TianRan suddenly ordered to return. On the eve of the "Seventy-Seven Incident", Peking, the city of international spy, is a sea of ​​flames and mountains. Every moment is full of temptation and murderous. Li TianRan, a revenge, did not know that he was involved in a plot, but also disrupted a game. At that moment, Bruce Lee broke into Casablanca. Former Qiang Wu Lan QingFeng, mysterious and unpredictable, and Zhu QianLong, Fundamental Ichiro closely, but also with Handelslaught. Friend or foe? Unidentified. As the Sino-Japanese crisis escalates, the game between the parties intensifies. Li TianRan, who has repeatedly deceived her lies and missed her chance, finally made up her mind to open avenge his revenge with the help of her roots. And look at the country with a hatred of hatred and Zhiyong Shuangquan Li TianRan, how to clean this sludge muddy water! Deceased a decade ago, Lee flew to the United States Lee returned to Peiping to carry out the task of agents, and took the opportunity to revenge Zhu and Yamamoto revenge. Li use the lover Zhu off, waiting for an opportunity to move, unexpectedly blocked by the mysterious figure blue. Li falls in love with Cai FengQiao, who, with the help of Qiao, succeeds in revenge and exposes the entire world of events and characters.

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