Zombie Sweeper(Movie)[2017]
《Zombie Sweeper》(Movie)[2017]
Zombie Sweeper(Movie)[2017]

Zombie Sweeper (Movie)[2017]

Area: Hong Kong Language: Cantonese | Mandarin
Stars: Release data: 2017
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Comedy | Horror

《Zombie Sweeper》Episodes

Synopsis: Hong Kong has been a zombie since ancient times. The city hides a secret organization to catch zombies - FEHD Special Operations Group, referred to as VCD. Sweep the street swept the middle of the night is in fact a zombie hunter, hidden in a huge trash just pick up the zombies, others away from the garbage room ... just that they are secret base! Zhang ChunTian (Babyjohn Choi) was accidentally saved by VCD. Organization leader (Richard Ng) found his blood resistant to corpse poisoning and found its potential to be high. Ye ZhiQiu (Chin Siu-ho) , Technical support group ginger (Yuanxiang Ren ornaments) and big old horse (Lo Mang ornaments) to teach him a lifetime of learning, inherit the mission of the organization! Once organized, Zhang ChunTian could not bear to kill Lin Mo-Chen, who was crying, and discovered by chance that Xia Xia was human and hid her in his dad's house, Zhang ChunTian to participate in the VCD exam, Zhang ChunTian overdue insisted that he wanted to kill the opposite side of the zombie and ran into danger, when Xia Xia but the sun ran away to save Zhang ChunTian ...... After the zombie king appears, everyone together to kill the zombie king, Xia Xia and zombie king at the same time a long time in the sun and ashes ...

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