Get in(Movie)[2000]
《Get in》(Movie)[2000]
Get in(Movie)[2000]

Get in (Movie)[2000]

Area: China Mainland Language: 青岛话 | Mandarin | 北京话
Stars: Release data: 2000
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Drama

《Get in》Episodes

With great joy and hope, two young men from rural Shandong, Liu ChengQiang and Gao Ming, came to Beijing, a city they always wanted in their hearts. The cousin who went to the south left a bus for them. With the help of Jian Gang, they successfully became part of the "mini-public" along 302 North Third Ring Road. "Minibus" competition is fierce, between the same opponents. They first arrived, do not understand the doorways, will inevitably be bullied. The word "forbearance" came to an end. Both of them persevered in their efforts. In addition, some well-intentioned people, such as Jian-gang and others, started to fire their business day by day. Even the inconvenience of foreign accent has become their favorite advantage. Gao Ming upright and straightforward has been a lively and beautiful Chuan Mei "Xiao BianZi" love, Liu ChengQiang also beautiful and quiet Beijing girl make friends, full of sunshine in life ... ... may not always be smooth sailing. They have offended local counterparts such as the "big head" because of the red-hot business, and two young and energetic Shandong boys are unwilling to always be insulted, for a time plotted to fight you to me. Although the construction of just brother from mediocre efforts, but Eneng grudges eventually ended up being a lose-lose, one into the house, one car wounded ... ... and Gao Ming and Xiao BianZi's love because one party became the karaoke lady and ended. Faced with the hardships and pains of life, Gao Ming can no longer afford all the feelings brought about by the big city, choose to return home. And Liu ChengQiang in order to find their own dreams, decided to stay in Beijing to continue fighting. The two grown up together quietly bid farewell to the train station, began their new life ...

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