Sword Stained With Royal Blood(Movie)[1993]
《Sword Stained With Royal Blood》(Movie)[1993]
Sword Stained With Royal Blood(Movie)[1993]

Sword Stained With Royal Blood (Movie)[1993]

Area: China Hong Kong Language: 国语 | Cantonese
Stars: Release data: 1993
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Action

《Sword Stained With Royal Blood》Episodes

During Chongzhen years, Sun ZhongShou was organizing the festivals of Yuan Chonghuan. The "East Factory" sent people from Wen Family to kill them. Both sides were trying to kill them. The golden snake emperor rushed in to kill the Wen family, The people who had been killed by the snake died. Sun ZhongShou, Yuan ChengZhi, a son of Yuan ChengZhi, who was able to survive to find Yuan Chonghuan, was forced to blind her eyes. Nine princess robbed the Ming tribute for the treatment of the mother was trapped by Tong Cheng Yuan ChengZhi arrest, Yuan ChengZhi decided to bring nine princess go to attend the heroic assembly held in Wen Jiabao, and then sent nine princess to Tongzhou guilty. On the way, met He Hongyao, a five-time worshiper who claimed the golden snake sword from the Golden Snake Lang, so Yuan ChengZhi came forward to intervene and became friends with the Golden Snake Lang Jun and was besieged. Wen QingQing, the daughter of the ruler, recognized Yuan ChengZhi, who became acquainted after several hands-on encounters. Late at night, Golden Snake Lang Jun came to the inn for the sake of Mrs. Win, that is, a lover of ten years ago revisited the old love, was rejected. Yuan ChengZhi to save nine princess, He HongYao released "Dragon" killed, unfortunately, poisoned himself fell to the ground. The next day, on the way to Wen Jiabao, Yuan ChengZhi and his entourage met the golden snake Langjun. In the rain, the golden snake Lang old disease relapse, Yuan ChengZhi rescues its escape, two people then became known. Golden Snake Lang Jun Yuan ChengZhi out of venom. Mrs. Wimbledon at the Heroic Assembly waits for Mrs. Vicente. Moonlight night, the Golden Snake Lang Wen Jiabao to seek revenge, so Chengzhi not to intervene, Chengzhi could not understand the brutal, then to a showdown, Wen QingQing poisoned Yuan ChengZhi, To blackmail Kim Jun Lang. The body of the poisonous golden snake Lang Jun reluctantly Mrs. Wen to escape, Yuan ChengZhi by chivalrous, standing on the side of the Golden Snake Lang. The original 10 years ago, Wen Jiabao kill the Golden Snake Lang Jun 183 people, and occupy small instrument wife, and now Wen BaoZhu loaded crazy, and took the gold snake sword. Small instrument on the golden snake Langjun release before the hatchet, the two embraced and died. Wen QingQing poisoned Yuan ChengZhi poisoning after rescuing himself. Sun ZhongShou finally found Yuan ChengZhi, gave him the blood sword, Yuan ChengZhi swords revenge, finally for the golden snake Lang Jun snow hate, since then also won the favor of Princess Changping.

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