Flying god mouse(Movie)[1990]
《Flying god mouse》(Movie)[1990]

《Flying god mouse》Cast

Li Ma Chenxi Sun Play)

Chenxi Sun

Chenxi Sun, a film actress, born in 1971, graduated from Tianjin Art School and a martial arts scholar in the 1980s. He starred in many films including "Happy Rivers and lakes", "God of Flying Gods" and "Pretty Luo". Martial arts team captured the enemy after silence for many years, with "Ping Xia Xia Ying" out of the mountains, the successful performance of a bird Xie Tianhua. In 2009, Chenxi Sun participated in the filing of the "Seventy-seven Notices of Death" directed by Lei Xian Wo and served as a focal point of Lu Feng.

Xiao Shan Rebecca Play)


Rebecca Shoichet is a Canadian voice actress and singer who has voiced in English dubs of Japanese anime and other shows for Ocean Productions in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Da Shan Ying Lu Play)

Ying Lu

Ying Lu is a typical Shanghai woman. She is gentle and virtuous. She can see that she is a woman surrounded by happiness. Will eat, will do, life is very fine. Ying Lu is a person who loves to eat shrimp. He feels itchy when he does not eat for two days, and he will cook a variety of shrimp dishes. In addition, shrimp will be picked especially. At a glance, it will be known how long this shrimp has become a “martyr”. Continental television series "Ghost Story" of the "District House" in the land of the emperor's close-fitting Chunyan play.

Chen FeiXiong Dongsheng Zhang Play)

Dongsheng Zhang

Dongsheng Zhang, Mainland actor, starred in the TV series "Cliff" "Floating Behind" "Knife Hakka Woman", the movie "1942"

More Flying god mouse Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
liuxiaoxi Jin TaiZi No introduction
Guoqiang Huang Real king, false kang king No introduction
(None) Tie ShuDaXia No introduction
Fu Li Xing Yu Bin No introduction
(None) Jin YiKe No introduction
(None) Jin MiTan No introduction
Korean wave Xiao ShiTou No introduction

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