queen of triads(Movie)[2017]
《queen of triads》(Movie)[2017]

《queen of triads》Cast

Zuo Lan Raquel Play)


Raquel, born February 16, 1990 in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, China Mainland actress and singer, graduated from Drama Department of the Art Institute of the Chinese People's Liberation Army. 2010 In the drama "Scarlet incense." In 2011, starring Zhang Yibai directed the movie "To love in the end"; August debut EP album "love you so much." In 2012 he participated in the drama "Master Lin in Seoul." In 2013 he starred in the movie "Deadly Flash Play". May 27, 2014, starring horror movie "door village" release. In 2015, participating in the "prenuptial contract", playing Sammi Cheng rival. Followed by Wang Jing director Lunar New Year drama "Macau 3", great looking forward to. In 2016, he starred in Wang Jing's film "Trump Ace" and in the same year starred in hit hit drama "Yu Sin." In 2017 starring movie "chase dragon", in the film as a rose (a flower).

Zui Ge Emotion Cheung Play)

Emotion Cheung

Emotion Cheung, born in Hong Kong on December 20, 1965, is an actor and actress in Hong Kong, China. She graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. In 1991, starring love drama "Four Wheel Bridge St.", the same year in the comedy movie "cousin, hello! In 1995, starring in the police drama "Criminal Investigation Files Ⅱ" in 1997, participating in the suspense drama "Proven Record", the same year starring in the comedy movie "Super Invincible Chasing Aberdeen 2 paparazzi ambitions", in 1998, starring in comedy drama "Pet Love", 2003, starring in the TV series "ultimate goal." In 2005, won the "Hong Kong stage best actor award." In 2015, participating in the suspense crime drama "Guilty" directed by Zhang Rui, Zhang Yishan, Chang Rong and Wu You.

Chen Jie Philip Ng Play)

Philip Ng

Philip Ng, male, born on September 16, 1977 in Hong Kong, grew up in Chicago, USA, Hong Kong actor and martial arts instructor with a master's degree in education at the University of Illinois at Champaign. Philip Ng loved Chinese martial arts since he was young, started to study martial arts with his father at age 7, and studied Wing Chun with Master Huang Chun Liang after returning to Hong Kong. Wing Chun in the United States in 1990, the same period by the Hong Kong Wing Chun Sports Association approved. In 2002 to return to Hong Kong development, involved in film, television and advertising performances. Participated in the "God of Wealth" "stunning weapon" "Battle" "Macao situation" and other movies.

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